Nathan Hauch

Born in New Jersey, Nathan has lived in Ottawa since he was three. As a person with multiple disabilities, he knows the value of public health care, and appreciates the opportunities the healthcare system has afforded him.

Nathan first got involved in his community by coordinating a support group for LGBT youth in Ottawa. Through this experience, he learned the power of social change, and how a common goal can unite people to overcome challenges. He has since been involved with the Canadian Federation of Students, as well as the disability and labour movements. Now, it is neoliberal austerity measures and discourses that strike the ire of Nathan’s calm demeanor. Nathan understands the importance of taxation in promoting fairness and prosperity, thus he works with others in his community towards implementing progressive policies and building a progressive future.

Nathan received his Bachelor of Humanities in Humanities and Political Science and a Master’s in Political Science from Carleton University. He is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Health Policy.