Nathalie Batres

Nathalie is a marketing/communication specialist, with a passion for social justice work, who aims to do her best to advocate for the vulnerable, criticize "the system", and fight colonialist structures and thoughts.
Originally born in Chilliwack, BC, Nathalie is a first generation Salvadorian-Canadian who started her advocacy work in high school with War Child Canada. Nathalie recently returned to Edmonton from New York (where she worked in UN Peacekeeping's Public Affairs Office) to work as the Marketing Officer for the Royal Alberta Museum.  
An avid traveller, Nathalie enjoys getting outside her comfort zone by exploring new cultures and landscapes. Watching documentaries, spending time in the mountains, and trading jokes with friends and family are some of her favourite pastimes. Nathalie aims to do her best to never stop learning and advocate for feminist and PoC causes, so that future generations can live in a more just and equitable world. 
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