Ever since childhood, Nancy has had a determined curiosity and passion for social justice. This has resulted in a fascination with politics, world events as well as a career in Public Health Nursing. These life long interests culminated with a Masters Degree in Public Health, focusing on Global Health from the University of Alberta in 2008. The dual highlights of this degree were a strong focus on world economics and several months spent in Uganda to think about these ideas. Throughout that wonderful education, Nancy came to the awareness that in order to affect the health of individuals all around the world she must act locally to develop and promote inclusive, sustainable communities. Nancy has become involved with the Parkland Institute and efforts to support women and children through local breastfeeding advocacy. Working as a Public Health Nurse in some of Calgary’s more culturally diverse communities has made Nancy excited about the wonderful resource that multiculturalism is for Calgary. This work has also made her fully aware of the day to day challenges faced by newcomers to Canada. She hopes to work to build a community that can support and engage, while helping all members to reach their full potential.