Najib Ahmed

Najib Ahmed was born in ’84 in Mogadishu, Somalia. At a young age, he journeyed through many East African countries before finally reaching North America and eventually settling in Ottawa with his family. He has carried with him on this journey a passion for the preservation of our natural environment. He finds it a real shame that Canada doesn’t preserve the natural beauty of its country that it is so lucky to have. Indeed, his travels in Canada have deeply affected how he feels about the need for preservation. He takes a lot of pride in delivering rants about environmental issues to whomever will listen to him. The rants are very easy to listen to given Najib’s kind and friendly demeanor that has gained him many friends. He is very proud of how he has integrated himself into Canadian society given the less fortunate circumstances of some immigrants from his home country.

Najib enjoys painting, photography and gardening. He even dreams one day of having his own organic farm! On the whole, Najib is a very personable gentleman who is determined to fight for the little guy in whatever way he can.