N’Kem Odita

“Don’t complain unless you’re at least willing to try.” This is one of N’kem’s many simple yet provocative philosophies on activism. Born in Nova Scotia and raised in culturally diverse Toronto, N’kem is a lover of challenge, learning and imagination. To give herself a dose of that invigorating joy we all need sometimes, N’kem takes solace in podcasts and TED Talks  – especially those that propose novel ideas, contain a strong call to action and bring people together.

N’kem’s love of the sciences and public health led her to study biotechnology at Seneca College, biological sciences at the University of Guelph, and then regulatory affairs and quality assurance at Seneca College.  She practices this love everyday in her current work with the Canadian Blood Services. N’kem is passionate about issues that allow communities to recognize themselves in the other. She believes the divisions that we create often prevent us from seeing the many similarities and common ground that we share. By connecting with the Next Up community, N’kem hopes to deepen her involvement in local and international projects that promote community involvement, education, media literacy, positive action and inclusivity. Off the clock, N’kem enjoys music of all genres, outdoor running, pottery and sci-fi.

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