Morrissa Boerchers

Mo(rrissa) is a researcher and consultant based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Originally from a farm near Laurier, MB (270 km North West of Winnipeg), Mo moved to Winnipeg in 2009 to pursue post-secondary education. She obtained a BA hons in Geography from the University of Winnipeg in 2013 and a Master of Natural Resources Management from the University of Manitoba in 2016. Her research spans several topics including: environmental assessments, sustainability assessments, adult learning, public participation, corporate social responsibility, mining, and indigenous capacity for natural resources management. Mo is passionate about deliberative governance and public involvement. She is a community organizer with Leadnow Winnipeg and is passionate about proportional representation in government and electoral reform. In her spare time, Mo enjoys crafting. An avid knitter, occasional potter, and novice weaver; Mo is never far from a knitting project (most likely socks). And yes, she can knit with her eyes closed.