Moose Patterson

Moose is an Alberta-born tree climbing, gardener, who can often be found at the horse stables where their horse Shawney lives. Amy grew up on a pig farm and now lives in Saskatoon where they are completing a Bachelor of Science and Agriculture degree. Amy’s compassion and kindness is without a doubt evident in the way they speak and the ways in which they can transform our hearts and impact our learning. With a passion for agriculture, ecology, and environmentalism Amy hopes to learn more about the intersection of activism and community development with these fields. Amy has spent the past few summers working in a microbiology lab, and has volunteered at the USSU Women’s Centre, and also had the privilege of being a Youth Leader at Camp fYrefly this past summer.

Moose is excited about Next Up and is jazzed about the opportunity to connect and engage with people from Saskatoon based community initiatives.