Molly Patterson

Molly Patterson is a trained wildlife biologist, and current Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student who is passionate about wildlife conservation and welfare. 

Molly believes in the inherent value of wildlife species, both big and small, and the value of the natural landscape. She has contributed to these causes through research with organizations such as the Alberta Conservation Association and Natural Resources Canada. She is also interested in anthropogenic impacts on wildlife and explored this interest through employment at Orcalab in British Columbia and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton. While focusing on veterinary school, Molly’s current projects are geared towards improving student life, and she recently helped plan and facilitate the first annual wellness weekend for veterinary students at the University of Calgary. Molly graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Ecology in 2010, gained a Masters of Science from the University of Saskatchewan in 2014 and will graduate from the University of Calgary in 2018. 

In her free time, Molly spends time trying out new vegetarian recipes, skiing, watching superhero TV shows, and cuddling with her rescue cat Bramble.