Mitch Gusdal

Although currently living and working in Winnipeg, Mitch’s roots come from rural Manitoba. He was fortunate enough to grow up on-site at a summer camp which his parents managed, near Riding Mountain National Park.

Living and working at the summer camp (Camp Wannakumbac) gave him a strong set of values rooted in education and opportunities for youth. However, his passion for design and communication led him to the Graphic Design program at Red River College. After three years of school, he was hired at a small design studio who works with clients in the Arts & Culture sector.

Mitch is always looking for new challenges. He is passionate about using his talent as a communicator to convey his core values. Dedicating three years towards coaching a youth basketball team for Spence Neighbourhood Association is one example of this. An active freelancer outside his full-time job, he’s done some work for clients such as his home municipality of Clanwilliam–Erickson, Manitoba Camping Association, Manitoba Cooperative Association, and so on. It was his work with one of these clients that lead him to Next Up.

Through Next Up, Mitch hopes to become connected with the national network of current participants and alumni. He would like to get involved with short and long term projects aimed at key issues such as climate change.