Looking for Mike? You just missed him!

Perhaps he’s gone to university to attend Psych classes, or at Meal Exchanging advocating for food sustainability.  Perhaps he’s on campus at Career Services gearing up for the next school fair, if not there then he’s probably hosting an event for his student club Hope 2 Opportunity. Mike is fascinated in all things volunteerism, reaching far and wide from nature to social justice.

At work, he’s known as a foot specialist at New Balance or Children’s Coordinator at his church. Constantly building relationships with the kids but also between him and  God. You could also check-in at a non-profit, where he leads an afterschool program for children who just arrived to Canada.

But you’ll need to chase him if he’s gone for a run around the city or a hike in the mountains – and if you still can’t find him, my best bet is he’s around the neighborhood walking with his best pal and picking up her poo, Arla the Sheltie. 

Return soon to track down this charming young fellow at a Next Up session. You’ll be glad you did.