Melissa Ray

Melissa is an Arts student at the University of Manitoba, majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and minoring in Native Studies. She is an intersectional feminist and thinks you should be one too! She is passionate about womyn’s rights, LGBT2QIA* rights, mental health, zero waste, and environmental conservation and sustainability. Melissa is an avid volunteer on and off campus and active in many student groups and services. She is the 2016-2017 Vice President Internal of the Justice for Women University of Manitoba Student Group and a Dedicated Member of the Womyn’s Centre. Some of her favourite pastimes are binge watching Netflix, spending time with friends, volunteering, going for long walks, and snuggling her pup. She isn’t sure what exactly she wants to do with her life yet, but she knows she wants to create positive change and growth in her community and, if she can, the world!