Meghan is a quiet explorer and observer of the world, whose days are punctuated by emphatic hand talking. Meghan believes in practicing empathy, and that compassion has the power to be disruptive. 


Currently Meghan works at Spark, Calgary's Science Centre, creating experiences that challenge visitors and build skills. They believe in the value of risky play, authentic challenges, and the ability of children to construct their own learning. Meghan believes Spark, and other cultural institutions, have a critical role to play in building empathetic and resilient communities. Meghan is grateful to work in a role that allows them to take creative risks, fail often and brilliantly, and facilitate learning opportunities for others. Sometimes Meghan teaches toddlers how to use knives and teens to use butane torches, and they think this is pretty great. 


Meghan grew up in Calgary, and although leaving several times, they’ve always returned. Living and working in B.C, Washington, DC and Nunavut, allowed Meghan challenging and sometimes uncomfortable opportunities to grow. These days Meghan is thankful to be living and learning on Treaty 7 land, underneath the big sky and amongst the prairie grasses, which they have a lot of affection for.

As you read this, Meghan is slightly embarrassed by how earnest this bio is, but not embarrassed enough to actually change it.