Meet your new Next UP BC Coordinator!

We are excited to announce Jackson Wai Chung Tse | 謝瑋聰 as our new Next UP BC Coordinator!
Here is a message from Jackson:


Dear Next UP BC!

It is with deep humility that I write to you today. I feel like I am (re)joining a path trodden by so many brilliant people before me. You shine like stars in your places in the world, and I am so grateful to accompany you along this small part of our journeys together.

For me, Next UP was first and foremost a community building experience. Even though I might not remember all the curriculum or resonate with all that was presented, the relationships I built were invaluable and are friends I still cherish to this day.

One of my biggest priorities now is to listen. Over the next few months, I would love to connect with you, and as the new BC Coordinator I hope to provide opportunities for BC alumni to network with each other. If you’re interested in these upcoming gatherings, feel free to keep an eye out on social media or on your emails.

As we figure out our next steps, I invite you to be patient with me, to share with me, and to hold me accountable as I move forward in this role. I will make mistakes, and am continuously learning/unlearning.

But, like many of you, I am also hopeful, hardworking, and a seeker of justice. I look forward to seeing you and hearing you in the months to come.

Sending my best,
Jackson Wai Chung Tse | 謝瑋聰
Pronouns: He, She, They
Jackson Wai Chung Tse | 謝瑋聰
Photography by the talented and vivacious Alana Paterson:
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