Maya Chorobik

Maya developed a fascination for the environment at a young age, exploring the underbrush of west coast forests, observing insects, and creating imaginative worlds from the helm of a tree fort.

Maya went to school at the University of Victoria where she was involved with the UVic Sustainability Project and local food movement on campus. She holds a B.Sc. in Geography and Environmental Studies and is a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor. Maya began working with City Green Solutions in 2008 where she has worn many hats and worked with a variety of stakeholders to advance energy efficiency in the built environment. In her current capacity as a Business Energy Advisor, Maya conducts energy assessments for businesses and organizations in the lower mainland and supports the implementation of energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

Maya sits on the board of directors of Elements Society, combining her passions for the environment and youth education. She enjoys systems thinking, frolicking in the forest with her partner and dog, foraging for wild mushrooms, gardening, cooking and eating great food, and nesting in their Port Moody home.

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