Mandy Chen

Mandy (Yatong in Chinese) is a community builder, caring and philosophical individual who believes in creating and reshaping both her own world and the world at large. She has been very active in the Saskatoon Chinese community, and she has been a host of a heritage language radio program at CFCR for 8 years.  Her recent passion has been around anti-racism and anti-oppression while her job as the Coordinator of Stakeholder Engagement involves a wide array of community building subjects at United Way Saskatoon and Area. She was trained in regional and urban planning and endeavors to think in holistic ways, in finding solutions to bring about better public good so that everyone has the possibility to thrive. She is also an active mental health peer support worker, she sees the power vested within each individual, as well as the effectiveness and importance of self-care through meditation and mindfulness practices.   She’s shy at times but has great laugh and loves to be around people, especially honored to be among this year’s Next-Upers!