Madeleine discovered her passion for change-driven community while studying at the University of Lethbridge, through her involvement as a board member with the Lethbridge Public Interest Group (LPIRG). Since moving back to Calgary, Madeleine has been a strong advocate for the queer community. From producing short queer history films for the Fairy Tales Film Fesival, to producing the Coming Out Monologues, YYC, Madeleine has continued to build strong allies and focus on resiliency in the LGBTQA community.

Looking back, Madeleine attributes her focus on social issues to a number of personal life experiences. Her passion for social justice has been encouraged through the opportunity to travel at a young age. Experiencing other cultures, religions, and seeing how they affect social structure has helped to broaden Madeleine’s cultural perspective. At home, Madeleine enjoys an outdoor extremist lifestyle. In addition to having spent time working with Parks Canada, Madeleine identifies as a cyclist, runner, backpacker, climber, and alpine skier. Through these pursuits, she has experienced first hand, policy changes that directly affect her outdoor lifestyle.

Madeleine is all about protection of natural spaces, building community, feminism, anti-consumerism and conscious living. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop her involvement in these issues through Next Up. Most days you can find Madeleine on her bike, canning, gardening or spending time with friends, family and her amazing partner.