Cori Longo

Cori calls Edmonton “home” but has lived in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. She’s proud to come from the prairies!

Cori was first introduced to the labour movement as a teenager when she started working as a postal worker. Little did she know, that it would become her passion and change the course of her life. She was instantly drawn to the power of the collective and developed strong skills as a union representative on the shop floor. Cori experienced the advantage of being a union member which led her to choose her next career. Working part time at the post office, Cori completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Grant Macewan University. In her third year, she studied abroad at the University De Holguin in Cuba. She was briefly employed as a Registered Nurse before taking a full time position in the labour movement. Cori currently works for the Canadian Labour Congress as the Regional Representative for Alberta. In her free time, Cori likes camping and spending time outdoors. She is excited to make climate justice a priority in her work!