Lise was born in Calgary, but raised on the other side of the world (literally), on a sheep farm in New Zealand. Her early experiences helped to cultivate a relentless curiosity about the world. While traveling throughout the Global South in particular, Lise became interested in the systemic causes of injustice, and how she could contribute to change in her way. She feels that empathy, determination and self-reflection are the values that drive her to be part of the social and climate justice movements.

Lise is currently studying what she loves: Human Geography and Spanish at the University of Calgary. She is currently part of a collaborative research effort with the Parkland Institute and the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives that is examining the role played by the oil and gas industry in shaping Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan. By communicating policy information in a way that is accessible to all citizens, the hope is to encourage more public engagement on climate policy issues. Lise believes conversation surrounding climate change and climate policy needs to be expanded to truly represent a diversity of voices.  

In addition to be being a bonafide nerd, Lise cares deeply about helping to minimize the language barriers that can lead to isolation within Calgary’s immigrant community. Building on personal experiences of integrating into foreign cultures, Lise facilitates an English conversation group at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. She feels lucky to be able to meet new people every week who share their lives and perspectives with her.

Lise replenishes her soul by breathing mountain air, singing, pulling weeds in her garden, bike rides, or cooking for loved ones while enjoying a giant glass of wine. Her next challenge is to learn Indonesian in preparation for field work in the Spring!