Lisa May

Hailing from Martensville, Lisa May wasted no time in moving to Saskatoon following graduation; she spent her first three years in the city as a piercer with some great piercings and tattoos to show for it. Her adventures took her on a month long solo trip to Nicaragua in 2012 – she highly recommends renting a hammock at a tree fort hostel she visited in the jungle!

Following her passion for learning about alternative and preventative medicine, Lisa May is about to begin a year of training in Acupressure. Lisa loves to surround herself with critical thinkers and to be challenged in a positive way, making Next Up a great chance for her to learn more about her passions and find ways to focus her energy.

Lisa May has three younger sisters and a Yorkshire-Pincher pup “Tricky” Ricky (her #1 love)!

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