Lindsay Ruth Hunt, Program Coordinator // Next Up Edmonton

Lindsay Ruth Hunt is a community-engaged theatre artist, critical educator, and researcher. She is passionate about the role of arts in activism and social justice projects and believes that critical education and art can provide a necessary means to intervene in/change our troubling social and environmental realities. In her work she aims to engage with communities and to transform social structures in a manner that improves the capacity of individuals, communities and society at large. She envisions and works with arts as a tool for promoting such change, advocating for a more equitable and just society through a creative means. Her practice has been focused on the use of Theatre of the Oppressed but more recently is branching out to multiple modes of art and community engagement…all in the hopes of educating, inspiring, provoking and working toward social justice.

Her background includes a BFA in theatre and development, an M.Ed. focusing on popular education and the arts, and she is currently a PhD candidate, investigating the potential of activist and interventionist art.

Contact: [email protected]