Leslie Cramer

Always in the midst of an adventure, Leslie loves exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning new things. A social justice and human rights advocate, Leslie is driven to deconstruct power structures and build communities based on equity, inclusivity, and empowerment. She is occupied with issues of poverty, the criminalization of poverty, civil liberties, and political structures. One area Leslie is currently exploring is how arts-based methods can be used to bring about social change, empower marginalized communities, and overcome barriers to political inclusion and civic participation. Leslie has a degree in Development Studies from the University of Calgary and works in Calgary’s non-profit sector in the areas of social research, policy advocacy, and initiatives targeting poverty reduction.

Leslie was born and raised in Calgary, but she’s been travelled around the world: she has biked across Ireland, cross-country skied Norway, and hiked through Central America. While living in India and attending the University of Delhi, Leslie was able to travel throughout the subcontinent – one of her best adventures to date. Leslie spends much of her time engaged in visual and textile arts, blowing her money on vinyl, biking around the city, and exploring the mountains.