Although her communities have changed, and grown to encompass many areas of Canada, Laura-Leigh is revelling in finding her voice in Calgary. Her narrative articulates a passion for sustainability, local initiatives, and environmental awareness. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and is expressed and disseminated through her work with REAP, an organization indentifying and celebrating local businesses and initiatives.

Experiencing firsthand the fundamentals of permaculture, and sustainable living in the context of the Canadian west coast, Laura-Leigh is exploring the medium of storytelling to facilitate the translation of the visceral emotions evoked by such experiences to a wider population.

Disillusioned and unable to reconcile herself to a job in government, Laura-Leigh has reoriented herself, a welcome change on many fronts. Back home in Calgary, she is positioned closer to family. Connecting, be it with family or friends, serves both as platform to transmit ideas, and provides a space to reflect.