Kyle is a newcomer to Calgary, moving to the big city from Edmonton at the beginning of 2011. Social worker, yogi, feminist, activist, and mother – there are many hats Kyle wears and tears, labels they reject and accept, and social constructs Kyle bends and breaks.

Kyle attended the Social Work Program at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton in 2009, and is currently working towards a certification in traditional Himalayan style yoga through Sunshine Yoga Academy in Calgary. In Fall 2012, Kyle will return to Edmonton to continue working on her social work degree, and be closer to family.

Through Kyle's experiences in volunteering with a variety of organizations specifically directed towards working with at-risk women and populations, kyle has become passionately involved in the process of women helping women, promoting the idea of acceptance and celebration of sexual health and human sexuality, and the importance of creating space with in these conversations for the development of intergenerational learning.

Kyle‘s guiding principle in life comes through a positive piece of graffiti Kyle spotted in the downtown core that suggested, “be optimistic it feels better”. Kyle parallels this inspirational muse to the words of one of their personal idols who passionately stated, “Optimism is better than despair”. She believes positive thinking leads to positive action, which in turn, leads to positive and progressive change – socially, environmentally, and economically.