Krystal is a feminist, lover of wild spaces, and Oxford comma enthusiast. 
In her current role as Community Development Coordinator at the Women’s Centre of Calgary, Krystal works to organize community-building opportunities, and create capacity-development programs for women at a local level. At the Women's Centre Krystal works to apply a gender lens to community issues, and she is excited to be a part of current projects exploring the intersections between gender, climate change, and sustainability.

Krystal studied communications and political science at Mount Royal University. During her time at Mount Royal, she worked as a contributor for the Calgary Journal, where she explored the ways in which access to transportation, affordable housing and opportunities for political participation impact the lives of women in Calgary. This and other work sparked Krystal’s interest in the ways public policy can be used as a tool to create vibrant communities, and she hopes to play a small role in making Calgary a more equitable place to live.

An avid hiker and amateur skier, Krystal spends as much time as she can outside. She has a long list of things that make her happy, but dark chocolate, strong coffee, off-beat humor, and mountain air are near the top. She recently returned to Calgary after time spent overseas – it was the magnetic pull of the Rockies that brought her back to Alberta, and she is looking forward to sticking around.