Kristin’s big love is the environment (next to her husband Nic). As the youngest of four children she was practically raised by the family dog while her parents were busy running after her three older, spirited brothers. Although other cultures always fascinated her she didn’t get far after high school; exactly 60km from her parents’ home she pursued a degree in media studies and marketing. She also worked as a journalist throughout her studies portraying people in a way they couldn’t see themselves. She also volunteered for the students’ association where she met her husband (you can only talk about school for so long).

But honestly, the exciting times began after school when she gave into her curiosity to explore other countries. (It didn’t take much persuasion, they had her with Calgary lying “at the foot of the Rocky Mountains”.) Culture shock and the first unemployment tested her love for Canada but the progressive and collaborative spirit of Calgary’s non-profit community was stronger. Today, Kristin practically lives in the Old Y Centre building. She promotes active and healthy transportation as coordinator of the national Commuter Challenge and is the president of the board of the CommunityWise Resource Centre. She lives out her passion for the environment as chair of the Sierra Club Chinook Group and truly enjoys the challenge of rebuilding the group after a two-year hibernation.

Outside of the Old Y Centre Kristin enjoys hiking in the mountains, running, cycling, container gardening and exploring more of Canada. Listening to other people’s stories still puts her under a spell. She dreams about becoming a psychologist, starting a community practice with nature-based therapy that helps people to overcome or live with mental illness.