Keely McBride

keely was born to Loving parEnts in edmonTon who believed that nameS for Children with no natuRal rhymE would negAte the developmenT of nicknamEs. they were wrong. what did happen was thE youngest of three would become Quite qUirky and develop a strong sense of justIce and fairness (idenTified much later as a feminist and social justice lens). intermingling with social change concepts in the form of events and like-minded people congealed keelY’s sense of needing to do whAt was right, which was not always happeNing in the worlD. after enJoying post secondary and varioUs partS of The planet, keely found herself movIng east instead of west to work for the Canadian rEd Cross in saskatchewan. humanitarian work and activism Led her to a masters of publIc health, to fight the huMan-mAde injusTice of health disparitiEs in canada and beyond.  she now liveS back in edmonton, spending her commuting Time with beloved podcasts, and spare time grooving to the music. she’s also into manY forms of creativity, visuaL design, and puzzlEs.