Katie Curtis

Growing up, Katie spent most of her time at school or at church. Both of these places continue to play a large and influential part in Katie’s life. Katie is a proud member of The United Church of Canada and her passion for social justice and activism is deeply rooted in her faith. She truly believes that Jesus was a radical and a revolutionary who not only lived with extreme compassion and empathy, but also sought justice and equity for all. Katie’s involvement with the church has taken her to many different places and has allowed her to meet many different people – she believes that the first step to breaking down barriers of injustice is learning about and opening ourselves up to the stories of others. Within the church, Katie works with groups of youth and young adults and has found a passion for youth engagement and involvement in social justice issues. After completing a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Regina, Katie entered the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan and recently graduated with her B.Ed. She is now exploring teaching as a career and is interested in the intersection of mainstream education and social justice work. Often referred to as a ‘professional student’ by those closest to her, it is unlikely that Katie will ever leave school or learning behind.

When Katie is not hanging out with groups of youth and young adults, she can be found with her head in a book, spending too much time watching crime shows or laughing loudly. She is a firm believer in the transformative power of a road trip, is fascinated with the moon and stars and is most proud that her best friends are beautiful children who call her Auntie.