Kathleen is a born and raised Calgarian who has watched her city change and grow over the past few decades. Armed with a degree in psychology from the University of Calgary, she has been active in community efforts to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness and promote strategies for healthy living. As a researcher with a local non-profit organization, Kathleen works to promote inclusion and enhance community supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. As a result of working and being actively involved in her own community, her future goals are focused on supporting communities to be inclusive, vibrant, and sustainable. She is particularly interested in exploring how community organizations can work together to develop strategies and solutions that address complex social issues. Kathleen enjoys spending her downtime out and about in the city and loves walking by the river and reading in cozy coffee shops. With a performance background in music and drama, she tries to take advantage of the art scene in Calgary by attending events showcasing local music, dance, and theatre.