Kassandra Rea-Cram

As an artist, an animal lover, and an all ‘round activist powerhouse, Kassandra Rea-Cam, (or Kas for short) knows how to walk the walk. Kas has lived in Saskatchewan all her life. Raised as an only child in a single parent household, Kas and her mom are the best of friends. Luckily, she’s good at bridging gaps and has also reconnected with her father in Bolivia. Kas is working towards a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, studying art and art history, and finds passion in many modalities. From acrylics, to sculpting, to drum circles, she’s rarely out of her element.

Kas effectively integrates her artsy side with her activist side. She’s a member of the art community both on campus through VASU (visual arts students union) as well as in the community at large through WAM (We Are Many), a youth run arts and environmental organization. Some of the projects she’s been involved in are coordinating hydration stations at events to cut down on disposable water bottle waste.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to Kas, and she keeps herself active and balanced physically and emotionally by regularly practicing yoga and eating a healthy vegan diet. She also works part time at Gail Adam’s school of art in Saskatoon but dreams of one day moving to Vancouver to curate an art gallery there.

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