Kalen Pilkington

Kalen Pilkington is the Director of the Office of Sustainability at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.  The Office of Sustainability strives to connect, engage and inspire MacEwan University’s campus and the community through sustainability leadership.  Utilizing a systems-thinking methodology, she strives to create a balanced approach to the environmental, economic, social, cultural and well-being dimensions of sustainability.  Through her work at MacEwan, Kalen oversees the creation and implementation of a sustainability strategy, complete with targets to achieve the long term vision of a resilient and equitable future.  Working alongside key stakeholders, the office provides guidance, fosters awareness, monitors progress, and promotes partnerships towards campus-wide sustainability. 

Originally from Ontario, Kalen holds a Masters of Environment and Sustainability and a post-graduate certificate in Green Architecture.  She has also obtained several professional designations related to public engagement, project management, sustainable events, and green buildings.  

Kalen enjoys spending time with her dog Fyfe, hiking, backcountry camping, canoeing, biking, yoga, listening to music and reading.  When Kalen can’t be found around Alberta, she can be found travelling, learning about different cultures, and how sustainability is done around the world.  She tries to continually build her skills and push boundaries.  Currently, Kalen is learning ukulele and slide guitar.  She dreams of starting her own consulting firm that focuses on well-being in sustainable, healthy spaces. Kalen likes to tackle global challenges through local action which connects participants with a larger community working towards positive change.  She believes in status-quo disruption, so let’s be troublemakers and make innovative, long-lasting impacts.