Julie Wiseman

Julie Wiseman lives in a trailer, but it wasn’t always that way. Born and raised in suburban Calgary, to outdoor enthusiast parents, she eventually crept south to complete a Management Degree from the University of Lethbridge. After spending two weeks post grad, in Corporate downtown Calgary, she fled the prairies for the fluidity of ocean living in a small Vancouver Island community. It was Alberta who taught Julie to love the outdoors, but it was British Columbia who showed her how to make it a lifestyle.   As grateful as Julie is to BC, to her a landscape hits you only as hard as the depth of your memories in that scenery. So Julie happily ran home after five years and doubled down further, by joining the family business.  

Working in Business Development for an oilfield service company, Julie spends her days’ consistently conflicted. She is divided between a professional gratification from economically viable decision-making and a personal awareness that those decisions can effect climate change. The good news is Julie really likes bridges. 

Oh and birds too.