Julia Pope

Julia Pope is a graduate of the Canadian Studies program at the University of British Columbia. She currently works as a communications consultant in the health care field. She has a background in journalism and communications consulting and spends an increasing amount of time as a political activist, campaigner and organizer.

Julia grew up in the Okanagan valley, a region that has experienced a profound transformation over the past decade.  Deeply concerned about the impact of the current economic cycle, Julia believes that serious changes need to be made in the ways that we approach the management of our ecosystems and the impact of human behavior on the biosphere.  She became active in electoral politics in 2009 out of concern over the decreasing intensity of environmental monitoring in BC, in a time of accelerated extraction. She is passionate about expanding political engagement and has campaigned for electoral reform and democratic renewal.

Julia describes herself as generalist and multidisciplinary enthusiast who enjoys looking at the world through the lenses of social justice, science, analytic psychology and Chinese medicine.

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