Julia Dalman featured on Faces of CSL


Julia Dalman (NU Edmonton 2010-11) is a community partner with the Community Service-Learning [CSL] program at the University of Alberta. She was recently featured on their Faces of CSL blog, where she talks about her work as a community liaison at Jasper Place High school, coordinating student volunteerism by connecting students with local organizations and CSL mentors to work on projects that positively impact the community.

Julia explains how she learned about CSL and why she got involved: "I found out about CSL while I was working at Public Interest Alberta (PIA). A friend of mine was completing his board internship at PIA and also told me about an independent [CSL] course he completed where he travelled to Ladakh, India and worked with the producers of the “economics of happiness’ film, and received credit for his studies there. I thought that was just the coolest thing I had ever heard of, and I didn’t realize school could be that interesting. Since then, I’ve been more and more interested [in CSL], and once I had a job where I could actually be in partnership with CSL I seized that opportunity. It has been a great relationship ever since." Read more about her story on the Faces of CSL site. You can also download a pdf of the article here.