Jolene Fawcett

Jolene Fawcett, born and raised in Calgary, AB, is an aspiring gardener, bread baker, and an avid cyclist. In the best of summer days she can be found canning applesauce, pickling vegetables, baking, bicycle touring through new cities, and camping in the Rocky Mountains. The biggest journeys that have shaped her in the past decade have been finishing a joint degree in Kinesiology and International Indigenous Studies and the cross-cultural, cross-class experiences had in traveling to other countries and working in the downtown core of Calgary with families experiencing homelessness. Having participated in two immersion-living programs through One World Global Education, she has been influenced to look at the world through the eyes of many from different walks of life. Spending time in nature has always been a fundamental aspect to her understanding of relationships with herself, others, and the earth. Thus, finding ways to use old stuff and turn it into new stuff is a venue of artistic exploration which she seeks as a creative outlet. Her passion is to work in Canada to seek the decolonization of Canadian policy towards First Nation’s peoples and the unraveling of stereotypes and racism within her own communities. As long as she has her partner Chad, her family, the trees, the stars to gaze and warm weather every once in a while, joy will be found.