Jodi Lammiman is an Edmonton transplant who lives with her partner Chris and wild child kitten Nola. As a child she was often scolded for asking the ‘wrong questions’, disappearing outdoors for hours, and having her head stuck in a book. Twenty-some years later, not much has changed. Jodi would describe herself as a seeker, questioner, and an advocate for social and environmental justice. But even more than that, she seeks to be a person who listens well and loves deeply.

She believes in following her curiosity wherever it might lead. Thus far, it has led her into and out of faith, to live in the woods with 8 others at a retreat centre, to study under eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, and to hold her questions tightly and the answers less so, recognizing that the answers are often changing.

With education in Sacred Literature, Leadership, and Spiritual Direction, Jodi spends a lot of her time helping other people explore their own questions about life, meaning, and intentional participation in social action. She believes that reflection, social and environmental action, and spirituality must be undertaken in the context of love and community in order to create meaningful change in the world. To this end, she and fellow Next Up alumnus Amy Spark created Refugia Retreats, an initiative that offers retreats, workshops, spiritual direction, and facilitation in order to foster curiosity, attentiveness, and reflection as catalysts for societal and personal change.

When not working at Refugia or as Community Wellness Coordinator at King’s University, Jodi is an avid fan of reading anything she can get her hands on (particularly YA fiction), drawing, and having long, rambling conversations with friends who are more like family.