Jjessica Sselwanjja

Jjessica has spent the last eight years living between Ottawa and Edmonton, growing to love the cities for their distinctive contrast. She has been involved in activities on the International Day of the Child, and has participated in different summer camps (including one offered by the Sierra Youth Coalition, and ROBSI Baha’i Camp). She believes that youth are a big part of our communities and it is in society’s’ best interest to ensure their rights are being met. She’s developed a strong interested in youth and children after having worked with them for many years. She is looking forward to bringing those interests to Ottawa after having finished a diploma in Early Learning and Child Care at Grant MacEwan University.

Despite her love of Ottawa and Edmonton, Jjessica lives to be in nature. Her passion for hiking, biking, and gardening led to her interests in permaculture, sustainability, and animal rights. A self-described lifelong learner, Jjessica is always interested in learning to apply new frameworks and sets of tools.