Jessie Best

Jessie Best grew up near Christopher Lake, SK and spent much of her childhood exploring the wooded areas near her home, skiing, hiking and swimming. She moved to Saskatoon in 2007 to study Land Use and Environmental Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Jessie has spent much of her energy developing and promoting organizations that bring together her interest in activism and agricultural systems. She is the co-founder of several organizations including: Rooted (a rooftop garden project), Permasask (a permaculture education and development organization) and the Varsity View Community Garden. She has also worked to develop and lead school gardening program at several Saskatoon schools, which allowed students to engage in outdoor learning by creating their own gardens.

Recently, Jessie moved to a farm near Aberdeen where she and her husband are researching systems for ecological food production. The farm is a great way for Jessie to get her hands dirty (literally), think creatively and implement new ideas. She is also interested in practicing and implementing holistic management, sustainable grassland farming, soil building and earthworks projects.

Jessie is excited to be a part of NextUp Saskatoon, where she can meet and work with like minded people.