Jesse Russell

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, as part of a large family, including three younger sisters, Jesse can be described in three words: harmonious, knowledgeable, and awesome.

Jesse is intimidatingly academically inclined, having obtained two Bachelor degrees in both Science and Nursing, and is well underway to completing her third, a Bachelor of Arts in Social & Cultural Anthropology at the University of Calgary.  Jesse currently works as a cardiac ICU nurse, volunteers with the Arthritis Society, and is interested in holistic approaches to healthcare.

Most recent travels took Jesse to a small South African town where she had an eye-opening experience volunteering with wildlife and members of the surrounding community.  Gaining a new perspective and re-prioritizing her life, Jesse returned highly concerned with issues surrounding oppression, poverty, materialism, and power dynamics that pervade our society.  She hopes one day to attend medical school and assist marginalized populations with their navigation through our healthcare system.

Her passions in life include music, travel, the outdoors, and LGBTQQIAASP equality.  When asked what she would change in the world, Jesse says equality across the board for all living entities, with the decimation of wage disparity at the top of her list.