Although Jenn now calls Calgary home, she is grateful for learning experiences in British Columbia’s interior and along its west coast, the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec and the cape flats of South Africa.  She works in a professional role that combines her interest for public policy, the environment, and indigenous people and is motivated by a sense of urgency to act on the issues that matter most to her.  Jenn believes that growth happens when we move outside of our comfort zone and strives to create meaning not only in her life, but also in the lives of others.

Jenn enjoys cycling, reading, and listening to podcasts.  She dreams of beginning a community garden behind her downtown apartment and remains inspired by the power of storytelling and the importance of understanding history.  She is an advocate for recycling and waste reduction and using her plant press whenever she is out on a hike.  Jenn is committed to working towards a better world and believes that the best conversations are had over a piece of dark chocolate.