Jenni Mathers

Jenni Mathers has a passion for the labour movement and the issues affecting working people.  Her journey with this began as a Shop Steward with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1400 when she was an employee with Extra Foods in Saskatoon.  After 5 years in that position, She moved to Vancouver, working in the hotel industry and becoming involved as a Shop Steward again with the Canadian Auto Worker’s Union (CAW) Local 3000.  Through these positions she experienced the processes of arbitration and collective bargaining, which galvanized her interest in the Canadian labour movement.  She became active in the issues around youth labour though her union local and the BC Federation of Labour. With the BC Fed, she had the opportunity to work with high school students, teaching them how to refuse unsafe work and to report workplace injuries to the WCB.  She is currently working with her local union to provide service for its members provincially and is a part of her local’s executive board as a Youth Member at Large.  She was recently appointed to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Young Workers Advisory Committee representing the CAW and considers her opportunity to represent her fellow workers and colleagues to be a great honour.

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