Jenna Gall

Jenna was born and raised in southeastern Saskatchewan where she grew up farming, hunting, and fishing with her family. During her final year of high school she had the opportunity to travel to both the Arctic and Antarctica with Students on Ice. It was during these experiences that Jenna realized her passion for environmental and social justice wasn’t just a part of her life it was who she was. 

She chose to study a BSc in Environmental Science at UBC. During her degree she started many organizations that focused on local food and food security as well as sustainability and climate change. Through various experiences she became passionate about focusing on environmental issues through a social justice lens. She has lived and worked in Saskatchewan, BC, Yukon, Nunavut, Peru and Tanzania and she is excited to be in Saskatoon working in the renewable energy field. 

When she’s not installing solar panels or organizing creative climate actions, you can find Jenna outdoors. She loves hiking, cycling, backpacking, camping, skiing and bringing others to enjoy nature with her. When it snows she struggles between choosing a good book and a warm fire, or convincing her not-so-adventurous friends to choose winter camping instead!