Jeanie Morton

Jeanie is an educator, a dreamer, a new parent, a nature lover, and a believer in the power of people coming together to make the world a better place. Formally educated at Pitt Meadows Secondary, Pearson College, McGill, SFU and UBC, Jeanie has worked as a teacher of English, Social Studies, Life Skills, Leadership, and Community Building in Richmond, Vancouver, Metchosin, BC and on the West Coast of Norway. Her informal education leaves her deeply indebted to a wonderful community of family, friends, and colleagues with special shout outs to her grandparents and adventures in the great outdoors.

Keenly interested in social change, Jeanie is proud of her contributions to the Otesha Project, the B:C:Clettes, the Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership and her four years as a faculty member of the United World Colleges. Current interests include: project based learning, non-violent communication, and consensus-based decision making.

Having recently relocated to Vancouver, Jeanie is excited to connect and reconnect with the rad community of changemakers here.