James Nguen is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and a member of South Sudan community in Calgary, Alberta. Mr. Nguen earned a Diploma in liberal Art, Mount Royal University 2008 and B.A in Development Studies at the University of Calgary 2010.

Mr. Nguen is the founder of the Biluany Water and Literacy Society, co-founder of the “Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan Association of Calgary” and a subject of the Award Winning documentary “The Long Journey Home of James Nguen.” Mr. Nguen is a Public Speaker and a fierce advocate of world peace and child rights to education. He was featured in “Avenue Magazine 2008” Advocate Newspaper 2009 and University of Calgary’s U Magazine 2011.”

Currently, Mr. Nguen works as a School Support Counsellor at the Calgary Board of Education in partnership with the Wood’s Home. On a voluntarily bases, Mr. Nguen is a Chief Executive Director of Biluany Water and Literacy Society and External Relations officer for the South Sudan Civil Society for Development.

In the past two years, Mr.Nguen spoke in well over 256 social events and facilitated dozen forums across Alberta. For example, Nguen spoke in Teacher’s Conventions, symposiums, Schools, Organizations’ conferences, Churches, Ted Calgary and recently at the Grant Macwan University on United Nation Day.

Mr. Nguen came to Canada as a refugee South Sudan on September 26, 2001, fifteen years after he was forced to leave his homeland at the age of seven. Mr. Nguen story provides a psychological, social, political and cultural context for the understanding of the refugee experiences and the impact of conflict on human populations. From South Sudan to Calgary, Alberta Canada, he has endured and overcome incredible hardship that is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.