Jackson Tse

Since graduating from civil engineering at Queen's University and spending the last four years traveling to 34 different countries around the world, Jackson is reconnecting with Calgary and pursuing a new direction in his career while engineering a better society.


Jackson likes to play outside of his comfort zone, hold private dance parties with his iPod, and sink his hands into giant sacks of dried rice. He’s a big connection junkie. Sometimes he forgets to shave and his facial hair grows out in uneven patches. He still can’t get his moustache to join.


Accomplishments include: living statue for the Calgary Stampede, wedding photographer in north-eastern Brazil, oil & gas engineering intern, mental health journalist, Georgian ballet troupe dancer, expired Guinness World Record holder, crisis line volunteer, graduating class president, PADI-Certified Open Water Diver, English teacher for second language learners, standardized patient, blogger, medical research assistant specializing in blood oxygen level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging to research language reorganization in patients with left-temporal lobe epilepsy, public speaker, program coordinator, project manager, couchsurfer, hitch-hiker, concert pianist, and part-time pizza maker.

Outside of Next Up, Jackson’s soul gets replenished from living at home with an ample supply of dark chocolate and binging on sassy reality television.