Jacie is a Nihiyaw iskwew, child at heart, and member of Bigstone Cree Nation of Treaty 8 territory. She left home at an early age, attended school in Edmonton where she faced many milestones and rose to meet numerous adversities apart from her family and community. Her personal growths led her to understanding the importance of one’s connection to culture, land and community for success and well-being.

During her Post-Secondary education Jacie began her journey as a mother. Her two daughters further inspired her academic endeavours and reaffirmed her journey toward reconciliation for her people. She attained a Bachelor of Arts in International Indigenous studies with a minor in Geography at the University of Calgary. Her involvement with academia, the Native Centre and the greater student body revealed many truths about history, pedagogies, and her own past. Jacie served as External executive to the student club, the First Nations Students’ Association, Jacie enlarged her personal circles and ventured to the Peruvian Amazon. Introduced to local Indigenous groups, and participate in ceremony, this carved a deeper path on her healing journey toward reconciliation for a more culturally and spiritually based connection to land and people.

Her deepest strengths and inspirations are drawn from being a mother. Her daughters exemplify the importance of kindness, creativity, adaptability and playful nature to face the world in times of change. Combining her academic education, spiritual growth and experience she intends to dig up medicines written in land practices, and rekindle identities through reclaiming our stories, our songs, ceremonies and lifeways to reveal truths. To nourish enduring spiritual and cultural ties to guide understanding, unity and strength for the purpose of moving forward for future generations.