Imrahn Mitha

Imrahn is an economics enthusiast, political aficionado and a lifelong., die-hard fan of the Chicago Bulls.   Born and raised in Kisumu, Kenya,  Imrahn grew up  immersed in a broad and diverse base of cultures, ethnicities and world views.  From a young age he  was taught to appreciate the strength of diversity, pluralism and meritocracy in a society. Passionate about  addressing the issues of poverty alleviation and youth leadership,  Imrahn was selected to coordinate the Enhanced Learning Centre,  a leadership program geared toward the recent Afghan immigrants to Canada.  This experience brought about an appreciation for women’s issues, specifically the need for education and open dialogue. Imrahn was also recently invited by Global Vision and the Department of Foreign Affairs to serve as a Junior Canadian Ambassador.  In this role, he spent the summer in discussion and debate with the All China Youth Federation, over key issues such as  Economic policy, Food Security and the Environment.  Imrahn is also currently completing his degree at SFU,  majoring in Economics and English.  When he is not engaged in community projects or travelling,  Imrahn can be found shooting hoops at Ambleside beach, and playing the Ngoma at the Stanley park Drum circle.

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