Hyungu Kang

안녕하세요~ and Hello! Hyungu Kang is a first-generation settler to Turtle Island from Seoul, South Korea. Hyungu’s maternal family is from South Korea with paternal ancestry from both sides of the 38th parallel. Hyungu spent his adolescent years on unceded, unsurrendered Mi’kmaq territory of Halifax (K’jipuktuk), Nova Scotia and now lives in Treaty 6 Territory in Amiskwaciy Waskahikan (Edmonton). Hyungu is currently in school studying public health epidemiology at the University of Alberta and intends to work in areas of cultural mental wellness for youth by youth. Hyungu’s current community advocacy work is focused on issues of reconciliation, anti-oppression and decolonization. Hyungu is currently involved with an Immigrant and Youth Mental Health Program and the Youth Reconciliation Initiative team with Canadian Roots Exchange. A 4-season cyclist, Hyungu loves community dinners with friends and family and finds his peace outdoors chasing mountains, rivers, and oceans.

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