Holly Abt

Holly grew up in and around Ponoka and Wetaskiwin Alberta. Holly was home-schooled along with her five sisters until high school. Following high school Holly travelled, spending five months with an organization in the U.K., touring Europe with a friend, and proceeding to travel to the States and Guatemala with a humanitarian healthcare-focused missionary organization. During university Holly became increasingly critical of the ethics and sustainability of missions abroad. Holly studied modern languages at the Augustana campus of the U of A. She studied postcolonial literature and researched feminine figures and forms of resistance in postcolonial French African literature and film. These studies gave language to and inspired her to expand her work towards social justice. During her studies, Holly had the opportunity to spend one semester in Santiago de Cuba where she researched the Informal Economy and studied Cuban history, community development, agriculture, and coastal management in the community stream of the program. This experience influenced Holly’s personal obligation towards environmental and economic justice and sparked an interest in sustainability and alternative economies. After her undergrad, Holly spent nine months teaching English in rural Quebec. She returned to Alberta where she worked with gender and sexual minority youth at Camp fYrefly and LGBTQ people of faith in the Haven community. Holly worked for Boyle Street Community Services and is currently working for the city of Edmonton. Holly is passionate about building and contributing to vibrant communities. She is invested in seeing the inclusion of sexual and gender minorities in all facets of society, but especially in communities of faith. She is dedicated to anti-colonial and anti-oppressive practices and is learning what it looks like to practice allyship on a daily basis.

Holly spends her time with her partner and two pets, trying to get into medical school, and volunteering on a local distress line. She enjoys coffee, board games, roller derby, books, travel and time spent in nature. She is on a journey of unlearning and is always looking for ways to engage in community.