Heather Mitchell

Heather has had a love of nature her whole life. Her passion for environmental sustainability and advocacy has always been an important part of her life, but was further inspired by the book The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard. After reading this book, she vowed to do all she could in her community to promote green living. She attended the University of Manitoba and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Environmental Science. During University and after graduation, she has dedicated her time to environmental education. She has had the opportunity to volunteer and work with many local, environmental non-profits, taking part in many positive initiatives and programs. Heather is also passionate about working with children. With nature deficit disorder on the rise, she hopes to spread important messages amongst our youngest generations to create a greener and equitable future. Next Up has provided Heather with the tools to succeed as a young environmentalist and she has also gained a lot of knowledge on social issues and solutions, which are key pieces to incorporate into the environmental work she does.