Greg Bennett is the founder and CEO of, an industrial intelligence platform that enables developers to effortlessly build the next generation of apps for agile industrial enterprises. Previous to Atheria, Greg was Director of Digital Transformation at Imaginea Energy where he led world-first Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain projects in collaboration with companies like Google, Citrix, Consensys and IOTA. In addition to his digital projects, Greg was was instrumental in shaping Imaginea's 3P vision as the co-architect of the Clean Hydrocarbon ecosystem.

Greg believes that together, we can eliminate the negative impacts of industry on planet and people. That’s a bold vision, shaped by his professional career spanning 15 years, 5 industries and 3 startups. Intrigued? He’d love to talk with you about it. You can catch him on Twitter (@recrdx) or skateboarding to his next meeting.